Monday, July 16, 2012


This is brown bear.  He has lived at our house for fifteen years and we are not allowed to play with him.  Brown bear belongs to mom.  He was a present from dad.  Sam breaks the rules when Mom isn't looking and grabs him off the bed and shakes him hoping his stuffing will come out.  Secretly Sam wishes Brown Bear was his instead of the "big duck head puppet."  Here are a few of our toys.  Big duck head puppet, Brown Hedgehopg (which we call football cos Sam doesn't understand the concept of hedgehog. )  The bright blue bear is Trudies you can tell she is not toy needy (cos its clean) like the rest of us.  And last is "baby" is who my little white bear.The story is she once belonged to baby macey and her mom put it up as a keepsake upstairs at our house.  Unbeknown to my mom who found it and gave it to me when they brought me to my forever home.  Kylei scowls everytime she see's me with it, but at least the music still plays.  Sam ate the eyes off.


  1. Our puggies have had 2 of the hedgehog toys. They keep ripping open the stuffing so now we buy stuffing free toys. But they are not as fun to throw......

    1. We have some favorite toys too - daddy got us a big yellow duck for Christmas ... it is our favorite! Mama bought us a huge bear but she wants to take pictures before she will let us play with it.

      Zoe likes things she can chew on and Peyton has a favorite bunny. Webster & Liberty want whatever Zoe or Peyton have or what the other one has will usually work, too!

      We have a lot of stuffing-free toys, too because we like to rip the stuffing out of everything!

      Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  2. We are having a problem posting comments to you. The box is there but we can't write in it. This took six attempts. Very strange. Happy Tuesday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly