Monday, July 2, 2012

This is a picture of Sam and myself before Trudie came to live with us.  I am the one with the pleasent smile and Sam is the "groucho marx wanna be" on the other side.  His face never changes even when he is having a good time.  I will show you proof of this when I am done posting.  I have tried to talk Mom into sending him to England (to live with stan, my friend) for some type of intervention but she is in denial and is having problems facing his issues.  Mainly, he is a thief and a meanie.  Mom gives us our own treats and he steals trude's and mine, and hides them only for his use later.  Then he eats his in front of us.  Mom has tried to intervene but he always wins!  Once we had a knock down drag out fight (per Mom) fur and spit was a flying and he still hid the treat! 
He knocks trudie off of mom's lap at least twenty times a day!  I think this is mom's issue cos she is not good at time out and has a poor followup with consistency with Sam!  Mom always picks trudie up and puts her on her lap but Sam gets to lay on Mom's legs in the recliner with his big duck head.
Oh, I haven't shared that he sucks on a big duck head puppet like a binky!  He even puts it in Mom and Dad's bed at night so he can suck on it.
Once I put a "FOR SALE" sign in front of him and posted it on Facebook, but no one even was interested!  I think the word is out around here what kind of weird pug he is.  For one thing he weighs around 22 lbs. and has long legs.  Trude and I only weigh around 14 lbs. and have short legs.  I think he is really a cross between a big bull dog and a giraffe.  Mom doesn't agree.
Here is Sam smiling in the camera.  SEE did I tell you about his face!!  Brothers!!!  Even ole mean cat Dietzman is nicer to us than him, and that ain't saying much.  Tonight I am gonna cover his sour ole face in kisses and see if that makes him happy!!


  1. Thank you for coming to my blog Stella, as soon as Mom finds the follow button now that blogger has removed it we will be following you. I have a nasty brother too, he is suppose to be a chihuahua but I think he is a Chupacabra. Love your picture, your very pretty!

  2. Love reading your blog, so glad I found it. Hope you and your family have a great fourth of July.

    Kisses will get them everytime. Looking good .

  3. I can't wait to see if your kissys sweeten Sam a little.
    He is a silly boy to be so grochy- don't you think?
    But you both are very cute