Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mean Ole Cat Dietzman

This is "mean ole cat Dietzman" also known as THE WARDAN when we are sent to AlCATRAZ.  You have heard me refer to him numerous times in ways that Mom would not call loving.  Dietzman would rather lay out on concrete then come inside where it is nice and cool.  Don't be fooled by his stretched out form cos he is really a giant persian cat.  He gets much bigger when he stands up and lounges at you.  This isn't a very good picture of his face either. He also has a smushed in face like us pugs do.  Thats probably why he thinks he is the Alpha Pug at our house.
Dietzman is 15 years old.  Mom said this summer the heat has been very hard on him and he has gotten thinner. I think meaner also.  He gets to eat his dinner on the chair in the kitchen so we aren't able to bother it.  Mom shouldn't worry about that at all cos he would claw our eyes out in a second.   He is very smart cos he has never had an accident in their house, or so mom tells us at least once a day.  He did poop in the crib though when one of the grandboys was a tiny baby. I think it was his way of telling him to go home.  I tried to lay down beside "mean ole cat Dietzman" the other day and he just got up and left the room. Mom should have named him    Stella Rose


  1. It is clear that he is mean, for sure. I bet he is just laying there waiting whap some dog. I've seen that look before.

  2. Getting old can make some folks cranky. Be nice to you elders and stay out of claw's reach.

  3. Oh not nice growing old and in the heat too. Be kind to 'Old Cranky'. Wishing you all a spat free Thursday and a cool one too.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. he looks like he is in charge
    Benny & Lily

  5. Be careful, Stella! He looks mean ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  6. Oh Stella, I have a c-a-t living next-door to me, his name is Emi and he loves to chase me around the garden but he is in no way mean, I did have him hiss at me once but I was stood on his tail, maybe all your cat needs its love? Next time he is cranky just tell him you love him and YOU walk away, be the better one and rise above it! Pugs are lovers not fighters after all! Love Frank x x x x