Friday, July 20, 2012



Mom calls this one MaceyMae although that is not her real name.  Mom has nicknames for all the GRANDchildren that come over to our home.  She also has nicknames for us pugkids.  I do not mean to get back up on my soapbox once again but I do feel GRAND needs to be either in front or behind our names so the human kids will know their place in our home.  We are first , they are second and "mean ole cat Dietzman" is last.  This is Macey's knees quiver when I look at this picture.
In all fairness she loves us so much she usually tries to take Trudie home.  Trudie is usually plastered up on the ceiling or pretending she is invisable in Mom's arm when this one visits.  I believe she has some wires crossed within her head also, but Mom gets really peeved at me when I bring up the subject of Sam, SAm, and Trudie.  For some reason M thinks we (sam and I) are the same even when we are standing beside each other!  This offends me the most because of Sam's crabby attitude, and I cannot believe ever that someone would mistake him for me.  I could handle it if she would say "come here Stella, Stella, and Trudie.." but those words are never said.  This weekend is the rodeo so M will be visiting us.  I might as well hide under the bed cos she will not even realize I am missing.  Mom said to get over myself.  Mom is a meanie!


  1. We think Macey has the most lovely smile. She can pop over here any day as we love little people , they always feed me under the table. It's a dawg thing. Have a lovely weekend and special licks to Miss Pretty Smile.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Maceymae has the sweetest smile. Not sure a pugkid can match it but you can always try!

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  3. I see a little girl who is verrrrrrry cute.
    I bet she makes everyone smile!