Monday, July 23, 2012

Lottery Winnings

Mom didn't want to go to work today...she said she is tired and had a headache.  She told Dad we need to hide all the sweets in the freezer cos all the cookies, etc. are making her sick.  Dad said, "just don't eat them..." Mom glared at him.  She said she is a sugar addict and she needs to stay away from them.  Anyway she has to go to work to make money to take care of us pugs and Dad. Dad said, "I can take care of myself..." Mom laughed.
I suggested she start playing the lottery and maybe she would be able to win enuf money she could stay home and play with us all day.  She said, " Oh Stellie, didn't you know I have already won the Lottery!"  I looked at her and decided it must have been way before my time and that Dad must have used it all up really fast on his motorcycle stuff.  Mom said," no Stellie, I won a trillon dollars on the day our first grandchild was born, and a trillon more with each one.  Then on the day I brought you, Sam and Trudie home I won another million or two!"  So she told me she had already won her allotment when it came to the lottery and she was just gonna have to bite the bullet and go to work. I love Mom.  Stellie Rose


  1. How sweet your mum is to say such lovely things. Have a great Monday evening.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Our mom wants to win the lottery for the same reason to stay home with us, but what your momma said is true. Love is the real lottery winning

    urban hounds