Monday, July 9, 2012

On the bright side this is a picture of me and my new stroller and my crooked 4th of July headband.  My mom finally found her old digital camera and has been working all morning trying to get it downloaded on my blog.  We went for a little walk on Sunday down to the river, around the town and back.  My mom told Dad that she was sure people are going to try to commit her on Monday so she might as well enjoy our walk today.  I really liked it after I got the hang of sitting in the seat right.

NOW onto the reason why mom is so mad.  Well she had to buy a new washer.  We live an hour away from the store so her son in law had to go pickup the washer, bring it clear to our house, etc. etc.  Finally on saturday she has a chance to use it and it won't fill up right.  It only works on small and medium.  Mom calls the store and speaks to "brain challenged" (her words) #1 and he tells her to just bring it back and she can get a new one, Mom explains the drive, and problems with returning it, and they tell her a repairman will be out in a few weeks.  Mom hangs up and says so many bad words that we run into the hallway and wait for all the words to stop,,,,so she calls back to the store and asked to speak to the BIG BOSS..." brain challenged #2" same story.  Mom, later said on the up side she could at least wash small loads...poor Mom....

So Mom just stuck her head in the sand and pretended everything was hunky dory and took pictures of me instead.  Here I am pretending I am in London at the Olympics and am really the Queen.


  1. Oh I was fooled, I thought you were the Queen and that was the front seat at the Olympics.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Momma is laughing so hard but we know it's not funny. Mom comes in contact with a lot of brain challenged humans, nutty
    Benny & Lily

  3. Gosh, I can definately see why your mom was mad! Brain challenged people for petes sakes- operating businessness's!
    Well I hope your momma does not have too many dirty clothes.
    I would like a stoller like yours. It looks very fun,, and then I might try to pretend to be the queen.
    You really do look like the queen for sure cutie pie!