Thursday, July 5, 2012

Well the 4th had some fireworks at our house, and I don't mean up in the sky either!  It all started with Sam.  Dad had to work a few hours in the afternoon, so Mom was gonna meet him over at the kids house later for supper and fireworks.  Mom is packing the car to go over and Sam runs out the door as she is carrying food.  Mom calls him back in and he runs all around the yard like a crazy person, ignoring mom.  Mom decides to just go back in the house and leave the porch door open cos usually he will stay out for a few minutes and come to the door.  Well Sam must have known mom was leaving and he just kept running around crazy.  Mom was getting very worried cos of the heat, so she went back outside to get him, and he ran down to the neighbors yard.  The closer mom got to him the further he would run!  I thought poor mom was gonna cry cos she was so worried he would over heat!  So she came back in and waited on him to come to the porch...a few minutes later he did but when she opened the door he took off again.  By this time the food was starting to worry her in the running car, so she went back out to try to catch him...this could have been a long movie cos it went on for forty-five minutes.  Sam was hot, mom was hot, and the only thing keeping cold was the food in the air conditioned running car. Mom had to come in and call her kids to tell them she was running late, and just wait on Sam to come in.  Finally he did but not after, getting so hot that Mom started crying afraid he was going to get really sick from the heat.  Mom put him in our little room with our beds, after cooling him off, and had to leave.  I gave him a tongue-lashing when mom left cos he upset her so bad.  He didn't say a word all night not even when the fireworks went off and made loud booms!  I think now Mom definately should send him to England for his intervention and maybe a nice long stay in the pokey!!!


  1. Naughty Sam and poor mum. At least everything was OK in the end. We hope you had a good time despite Sam.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Poor Sam and poor mom, I worry about the heat a lot too!

    we gave you an award if you want to stop by our blog to check it out!

    urban hounds

  3. Gosh Sam
    What were you thinking? Its not nice to make your mom worry so much about you. Don't you know how sad she would be - and we all would be if something happened to you?

  4. What a little puggy turd...we too would be freaking out. Emma is our Sam here maybe she should join him in the pokey!