Thursday, July 19, 2012


WordlessWednesday wasn't really wordless at our house, and the words weren't very pretty also.  Poor Mom ran home at lunch to feed us and found herself locked out of the house.  Dad forgot to unlock the kitchen door like he does EVERY day for some reason.  My theory is the heat must have fried his brain and he was just trying to work up the courage to go back into the "hell kitchen" (he calls it that) at work. Anywhoo...Mom can't get into the house, front and back door are locked.  So her only choice is to into the basement...dungeon...dark hole in the ground...keeper of spidars and snakes to get into the house. Did I mention she had to go wee wee really bad also!!  Well, a few weeks ago Mom gets spooked after reading a weird book and decided to block the kitchen door leading to the basement in case bad people try to come into the house to steal us. (Sam is laughing his fool head off at this notion)  Do you see where this is going ????  She blocks it with a small pantry and it has the microwave on top of it along with her scentys pot and a vase....soooo Mom ventures into the tomb of hell and up the rickity old steps in the dark, with cobwebs hanging off of her work clothes and shoves, shoves, shoves, shoves the door until the vase breaks on the floor, and the micowave is hanging off of the cupboard.  Finally, enuf of a crack is there that she can barely squeeze through and she gets into the kitchen.  Shattered glass all over the floor, her running to the bathroom, us barking cos we know someone is breaking into the house to steal us.  Poor MOm....We heard many words on wordless wednesday and none of them I can put on paper.


  1. Popped over in internet explorer to say thank you for your lovely comments re my Pug post in my blog today. Unfortunatley just howled out loud at poor mums' antics. Just the kind of scrap my human wouuld get themselves into. Very funny. Daddy will be in big trouble.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Mom didn't even tell Dad tell this morning cos she was so upset about it!

  2. Oh I can imagine how noisy wordless Wednesday was after that big experience.
    The noise would have been the same in my house if it happened here.
    Your momma was very brave to go into the dungeon and crawl among those spidy webs and creeply long legged spideys. Oh goshh,, yes she was brave!